a set of small metal objects on a table
a small piece of quartz sitting on top of a rock
three metal sculptures on top of a rock
two silver pendants on a black leather cord
a pair of wooden houses with a toothpick next to them
a piece of art hanging on a wall
miniature houses on a rock next to a penny
a group of small grey houses on top of a pile of rocks
a piece of rock with a piece of metal sticking out of it
a set of small stone houses next to a bottle of paint
a statue of a man sitting on a piece of rock
a pin with a house on it sitting on a counter
two boxes with two stones in them
a group of small gray houses on top of rocks
a black and white photo of a group of metal sculptures
a set of metal blocks with a house on them
a necklace with the word art hanging from a tree
two rocks on a table next to each other